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Foreign students who apply to Italian Universities must upload their pre-registration requests on the website Students are requested to provide personal details, including a copy of their passport and diploma certificates, together with a description of the university courses they want to attend.

Universities will process the requests and provide an official reply to the students through the same website.

If the student get accepted, the Univeritary will lay down if a "Dichiarazione di Valore" (declaration of value) is needed;

In case the declaratiopn of value is explicitely requested, the student will book an appointment with VFS (telephone number: 0221600057) in order to present the documents to legalize.

To get the "Dichiarazione di Valore" of a diploma of secondary school (in the egyptian didactic system "Thanawea Amma", after 12 years of education) students must present following documents:

  • Diploma of elementary school
  • Diploma of second level school
  • Diploma of secondary school

All documents must be translated into italian and legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and only after that they can be presented to VFS to get legalizations from the Italian Embassy.

Once the declaration of value is ready, the student can book a second appointment to VFS (telephone: 0221600057) to apply for a Study D visa presenting the following documents:

  • Application form to be filled in english or italian
  • Two recent photos, passport size, coloured
  • Original passport with 18 months validity
  • Acceptance letter from University
  • Declaration of Value (if requested by University)
  • Medical insurance for a month
  • Hotel reservation or declaration of hospitality (invitation letter attached in documents required for tourism, including document of the inviting person)
  • Certificate IELTS of knowledge of englisg language (or equivalent)
  • Commitment letter from sponsors (students’ parents) to take responsibility to cover expenses in Italy
  • Personal bank statement of sponsor for last 6 months, with bank stamp
  • Proof of professional status of sponsor parent, with mention of salary
  • Family state of the sponsor parents
  • Personal bank statement of student in case the applicant is financially indipendent as worked before