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In light of the keenness of the political leadership and the Egyptian government to protect the safety and health of citizens and limit the spread of the Coronavirus, and based on the decision issued today by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to suspend air traffic in all Egyptian airports, starting next Thursday, at twelve noon, until the end of this month, the pilot Mohamed Manar, Minister of Civil Aviation, issued his directives, during the meeting he held with Pilot Montaser Manaa’, Deputy Minister of Aviation, as well as heads of subsidiaries, and leaders of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, to quickly provide all necessary facilitations for travel and return of Egyptians and foreigners ‘to and from Egypt’ before the suspension of Air traffic in Egyptian airports, with an emphasis on Egypt-Air, Egyptian private airlines and foreign airlines to continue their international flights to accommodate the numbers of people wishing to travel and arrive, ‘to and from the Egyptian airports’, ahead of the scheduled time for the suspension of flight, and exempt all passengers booked in these period on the National Company (Egypt-Air) from any fines for airline tickets in the event of a refund of the price of tickets or the amendment of reservations… and travelers on companies other than Egypt-Air should communicate with those companies to follow up on their reservations.

With regard to the tourist delegations currently present in Egypt and arriving through ‘charter flights’, the Minister stressed that it will be allowed for them to complete their tourism programs and leave in the scheduled travel dates on their charter flights without bringing in any new touristic delegations.

He added that the Egyptian airspace is ‘not closed’, and that the decision to suspend air traffic does not include ‘domestic flights’ and ‘air cargo flights’, so as not to harm the interests of citizens.

Pilot Mohamed Manar also stressed the continuation of coordination and cooperation with all relevant authorities in the country to monitor developments in the Coronavirus file and the impact of this on the safety and security of civil aviation, adding that there will be a continuation of sterilization and disinfection of all Egyptian airports and the vital installations in the civil aviation sector during the suspension period.

The Minister of Aviation indicated that the national company, Egypt-Air, in coordination with the relevant authorities, will continue to evacuate the Egyptian citizens extensively during the coming days ‘before the suspension of flights’, and at the same time, it will facilitate the return of foreign tourists to their countries after the end of their touristic program.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation urges all travelers to follow-up and to communicate with the airlines associated with them to amend and reschedule their flights, and to ensure their safe return to their countries without any delay or obstruction of their obligations.